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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a Convention!!

Yesterday I had a fabulous time with my friends at the CK Scrapbook Convention in Portland, Oregon!!  We drove from Tacoma first thing in the morning and then got to the parking garage (thanks to the GPS) right when the convention was opening.  The drive had been a bit over 2 hours but we were all so excited to see the new goodies that awaited us on the vendor floor.  At first we thought that it seemed a little bit small--not that many vendors--but oh how we were wrong!!  You know how when you go to the fair and there are fun booths and not so fun booths?  How you just kind of glance at some and others you really want to stop and get a closer look and ask tons of questions?  Well, this place had EVERY booth where you want to ask dozens of questions and look at every little thing!  We each had our things that we were wanting to look at and hoping that we'd be able to try them out.  One of them was the Sew Easy tool by We R Memory Keepers.  It's this clever little gadget that has interchangeable heads that you place a a foam mat underneath your paper and then roll over the paper with the Sew Easy device and it will pierce holes in your paper so then you can stitch where the holes are.  The heads each do a unique pattern.  I got the zig zag one, the kind of hem stitch one and the last one makes a series of holes that when you stitch, it makes big and little hearts.  Super cute!  I included those links to Amazon just so that you can see what they look like.  I might do a tutorial on them later if I get a chance.  The other big thing was the Freestyle Mouse Cutting System.  It did exactly what I wanted to do and as I was standing there watching the nice demo lady I piped up that I wanted one because I liked it and it was the last one and I had to make sure I got it!  Only $30!!  No tax, no shipping because it was in Oregon!  How sweet is that?!  The Freestyle Mouse will cut with 12 different interchangeable blades free form or, using the included ruler and mat, straight too!  I love that I have the choice of decorative edges with it!  Bye Bye Decorative Scissors!!!!  You know how you can never cut an even edge or anything like that with the scissors, with this it's easy!!  As you can see in the video, I got a LOT of stuff.  Originally, I made the video for my sister who lives in Massachusetts.  But then I decided that it would be fun for you to see all the great deals I got on the rest of the stuff!  This is my first video that I've ever put on YouTube, so please forgive my stumbling over my speech.  And please let me know if there's anything that you have questions on.  I can't wait to put all of my goodies away!  (Question:  Where will I put all of them?!!)  And most of all, play with them!  Hope you are having a great day!  P.S.  I got the most fabulous purse, as you will see at the end of the video.  I have to give a shout out to Adorn It where I got my purse!  It's been discontinued so I am I SO GLAD that I got it!

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  1. Thanks little sister. I soo wish I was there. Your video was very professional. You should be proud. Maybe you could do a few tutorials and post them!