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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Organization...

Recently, while perusing things on Pinterest, something caught my eye...an organizing website called IHeartOrganizing.  Jen is an enthusiastic lady who has a flair for organizing things in the most beautiful of ways.  I've been looking for ways to organize my home better and so I found some inspiration from her website.  Now, mind you, it's a very small project that I'm starting with, but I still loved the results.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), I did not take a before picture of my project---my middle scrapbook desk drawer---but once I got it emptied out, I did take a picture of the pretty scrapbook paper that I lined it with, before I started putting things back in.  Here is what it looks like.
I was thinking about something that she had said about trying to use things that you have around your house so I started looking around the house for things that weren't currently in use.  So I found some little ceramic loaf pans just sitting stacked in my storage closet.  Truth be told, I purchased them on clearance several years ago so I could put holiday treats for my neighbors in them and then kept forgetting to use them for said treats.  Go figure.  So, happy for me tho' that they were perfect for the depth of my drawer!
And then I decided that I needed to make the adorable little pink labels that you see I made with my Cricut!
I got rid of a LOT of stuff that was just plain junk that had been in that drawer.  Doing this project inspired me and so I've cleaned out another three drawers, including the kitchen junk drawer.  I know, no pictures, but trust me, things are looking up!  I think my next makeover is either the pantry or the kitchen cupboards.  Wish me luck!

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